Singapore Dog Hash - D A S H

                  The World's first Dog Hash

NEXT DASH - #172: Sat 7th May 2016, address see below


Note: We are a Hash Club and not a dog walkers association. Please familiarise yourself with Hash culture


Our next Run will be dirty, muddy, wet, dangerous and long! Please make sure you bring water for your dog to drink and cool off with afterwards


The Saturday K9 Hash House Harriers of Singapore aka The Dog Hash or D-A-S-H 

... is the world's first scheduled hash club specifically organized to encourage participation of dogs and adult (age 18+) dog lovers on Hash runs. With our first run on 020202, the success of the idea has seen the merger of Singapore's devoted Hashers with non-hasher dog enthusiasts into a group that is quite unique. Bring your friends and your dogs (not compulsory) and join us.

The Dash meets in a different location in Singapore on the first Saturday of the month at 4.30 pm (for registration) and the pack will set off by 5.00 pm sharp. For the uninitiated, the Hash/Dash is a pre-laid trail and is set by one or two volunteers, which we call "Hares" who use flour, chalk, and/or toilet paper to mark the way. The Hounds chase the Hares' "On On" trail and at the end, beer, soft drinks and snack-food will be waiting for ya!

The Run should last about an hour. The runs are designed so that dogs and humans of all fitness levels can participate. Please wear proper running shoes and bring along a towel and change of clothes (and if you like, water for a quick rinse down). See the FAQ's for more information or e-mail doghash at Please also e-mail any pictures taken on our runs if you'd like to see them on the website.

  Keep your dog on the leash and always follow instructions from the hare !